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The Era of Mobile Photojournalism

Posted in Media, Politics with tags , , , on July 2, 2009 by Peace-ling

image001As the tsunami of the digital era engulfs the globe; everything is being masked under a digital label, including photojournalism. The trend featured in this article is the new wave of mobile photojournalism.

What has the proliferation of video and camera-phone photojournalism meant for the medium?

Intrigued by the evolving digital wave around me, I stumbled across Bill Adee; Chicago Tribune’s Digital Editor who provides an interesting analogy:

I would say the proliferation of video, etc., has affected visual journalism the same way blogs and twitter have affected print/Web journalism.

We need to realize what can be done well by citizen photographers/videographers and find creative ways to organize and present it for our readers. We also need to realize that there is plenty that can be done well by the full-time trained journalists. The key is to take ego and traditions and conventions out of the equation and made good decisions about who should be doing what.

image002I took my next turn towards Marc Karasu of MAK Marketing and Advertising Consulting. Marc has hands on experience with both old and new media, including some of the best known brands. His profile includes the creation of Super Bowl television commercials and Google adword media buys. In response to my trend question, Marc noted:

Some would argue that this proliferation of user generated video has “cheapened” or “diluted” journalism by taking it out of the hands of pros and turning coverage over to amateurs. I would argue that it has actually helped lift journalism overall as these devices and mediums have made news more immediate, unfiltered and powerful.  This is especially true in countries where there are strong state filters on news.

That being said, it is up to professional journalists to properly frame and give background context to the story and the nuances of the players involved and different sides of the story when they air a video in media. Continue reading