Q&A with Ralph Talmont –Part I

Urban Symphony Project -Movement, Ralph Talmont

Urban Symphony Project - Movement, Ralph Talmont

“Photography has been my first love and long term mistress, though these days not my only wife, as I spend large amounts of time as a producer and entrepreneur. But I still drop everything to take a magic shot or two”

Ralph Talmont; CEO of Pixengo.com, photographer, entrepreneur, bookman and traveler is the spotlight of my profile feature. Born in 1963; Ralph originates from an Australian/Polish background and is currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand and Warsaw, Poland.

Ralph has a very unique multi-faceted approach towards his work; he’s not only the author/co-author of over twenty illustrated books, but is also a self-starter; co-founder of Pixengo.com, an online environment for travelers. His profile which ranges from covering subjects, like wine to world cities and yachting, highlights his passion for travel and photography, which in turn explains his baby project; Pixengo.com.

I chose to add his name to The Human Postcard, not to stand in line with global magazines, like National Geographic Traveler, GEO Saison and New Zealand Geographic, which have previously published his work, but rather to draw an inspiration for myself and other journalists, photographers and budding artists alike.

Work hard to find your passion and when you have found it work even harder to be the best at it; that is what I realized after concluding my Q&A with Ralph Talmont. I hope he is able to inspire each of you in your own unique path, such that together we are able to excel our passions and take them to the sky and beyond.

Here’s presenting Ralph Talmont; read, discover and grow:

lightstalkers.org, Ralph Talmont

Urban Symphony Project - Moment, Ralph Talmont

Q1: What led you to pursue the art of photography? Tell us a little about your work and the motivations behind it.

I got my first camera for my ninth birthday. Didn’t really have a choice in the matter after that.  After a long time shooting ‘to order’, I’m now shooting largely my own stuff – the black and white panoramas which you can see on my site. The general idea is I look for common threads in photographing city life around the world.

Q2: Are there any photographers who you would call influential to your work; do you have a hero?

Several. Big heroes are Ernst Haas and Josef Koudelka. My friend Emmanuel Santos has been a life-long inspiration; he’s doing some exciting stuff and entirely traditional in terms of technology. A little known Melbourne photographer, Bernie O’Regan was my mentor early on. Biggest influence, probably Walker Evans.

Q3: What equipment do you use for still photography; Film or Digital?

A panoramic film camera and Canon digital cameras. I used to have fourteen cameras, now I have three. Digital has certainly streamlined my equipment.

Q4: What in your opinion has the proliferation of video and camera-phone photojournalism meant for the medium, if anything?

This is a question which needs to be approached from two perspectives: distribution and access. Three if you count the person doing the shooting of course but I’ll concentrate on two –

Camera phones are about to get a whole lot better which will potentially put ‘reporters’ everywhere. Shooting events is one thing, being able to capture the essence of an event is entirely different. So, for news gathering and a general democratization of the process this is great; assuming distribution hubs such as current.tv continue to proliferate since without distribution you have nothing. The other issue is one of ‘quality’ and ‘depth’ and for this you need experience; having a camera in the right place at the right time is half the battle. It needs to be attached to the right eye and heart to be able to tell the story well.

Ralph Talmont Photography

Ralph Talmont Photography

Q5: Amongst all the places in the world that you have beautifully captured in film, which place has given you the most beautiful memories; your favorite place in the world?

I love Hong Kong. I love London. But my favorite place on Earth is New Zealand’s top end – Northland.

Q6: I would like to know how you feel about the role media plays and can play in attaining world peace.

The only role it can play is in broadening access to distribution outlets, which is why the Open Web is so important. Corporate and governmental controls are a brake on openness, be they well-meaning or otherwise.

Look out for the next dose of Ralph Talmont; to be released over the weekend.

Till then put your heart into your work and the results will show; Quality stands out above all.

Urban Symphony Project, Movement, RalphTalmont

Urban Symphony Project - Movement, Ralph Talmont

Urban Symphony project -Movement, Ralph Talmont

Urban Symphony project -Movement, Ralph Talmont


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